Megumi Shauna Arai

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Megumi Shauna Arai (b. 1989) is a Japanese-Jewish artist based in New York.  Her work involves piecework method textile traditions, and the process of creating color through natural dye.  Balance between contrasting ideas - imbueing dancerly movement into a static format, a focus on unexpected material to envoke calligraphy brushstrokes, and producing an energetic quality from a repetitve, process heavy making practice are all present.

Arai’s work has exhibited as part of Object & Thing’s At The Noyes House, in collaboration with Mendes Wood DM and Blum and Poe (2020), The Gallery at Stone Barns curated by Object & Thing in collaboration with Stone Barns Center (2021) and Object & Thing at Madoo : Megumi Shauna Arai and Frances Palmer (2022).